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How it works

  • In any IM, type a message you want to hide into the IM’s input field using the Kibo keyboard, and then tap ‘Lock’ button on the right of the space bar.
  • Once the ‘Lock’ button is tapped, your message is replaced with a random innocent-looking phrase.
    After that you can send the message by tapping ’Send’. This message will appear in the chat visible for everyone; however, only you and your contact will have an access to the hidden message inside.
  • To read the hidden message, simply copy it to the system clipboard. It can be done by double tapping or long tapping on the visible message. If there is a hidden part inside, it will be shown in a popup view inside of the Kibo keyboard.
  • Now be at ease! Even if your smartphone falls into the wrong hands, all your communications will be hidden under common everyday phrases.

KIBO protects your confidential communications

Kibo hides secrets of the content of your secret messages

  • Privacy

    KIBO does not ask you to provide your email or phone number.
    KIBO does not store contacts for hidden communication.

  • Security

    Protect your hidden messages with a password.

  • Control

    Block your smartphone screen to hide all your secrets.

  • Flexibility

    KIBO supports all popular IM services: Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger, VK, Hangouts, WeChat, Talk, Telegram, Line and others.

  • Mainstream Mobile OS

    The app works flawlessly under both iOS and Android.

  • Lightning-fast Text input

    Use the native pre-made phrases library for 'visible' messages.


Getting started

I've installed the app, but the KIBO keyboard did not appear in the available keyboards list.
To make the Kibo keyboard available, after you install the app, do the following:"
  1. Open 'Settings'.
  2. Select 'General –> Keyboard –> Keyboards'.
  3. Go into 'Add New Keyboard...' sub-menu.
  4. In the 'Third Party Keyboards' section, select Kibo.
  5. You will be automatically sent back to the previous screen.
  6. Select Kibo keyboard - and on the next screen, enable Full Access.
Only in this way will you be able to fully use all the benefits of the application
Is it safe to allow Full Access for Kibo Keyboard?
Absolutely! We don’t track, store or trasmit anything you type. We A need Full Access to read clipboard for hidden messages feature to work. We also need Full Access for security checks over the Internet. We respect your privacy!
Where do I find the new keyboard?
To switch to the Kibo keyboard, you need to tap the keyboard switch button (or language switch button) a few times
How can I distinguish between the Apple's stock keyboard and the Kibo keyboard?
When activating the Kibo keyboard in any IM’s input field, you will see a keyboard with the two extra buttons on the left and the right of the space bar. The ‘Invite friend’ button on the left of the space bar allows you to invite your friends to Kibo. The ‘Lock’ button on the right of the space bar helps you to hide your messages.

Invitation to users

How can I invite a partner for a private chat in Kibo?
If your conversation partner does not have Kibo installed, you may send him or her a link to download this application. It can be done in two ways, from the Kibo app or from the Kibo keyboard.
  1. In the Kibo app choose the menu item ‘Invite Friends'
    • choose the desired contact or press the button 'Invite by telephone number'
    • then press the 'Send’ button.
  2. In the Kibo keyboard, tap the ‘Invite friend’ button on the left of the space bar and then press the ’Send’ button.
My conversation partners could not read hidden messages created via Kibo
Remember, your partners must have the Kibo application installed in order to be able to read hidden messages
How many users can I invite to the chat?
In Kibo, you can chat with one partner at a time.
May I create secret chat for several users?
Unfortunately, no. A hidden message will be seen only by one of the chat partners.

Application operations

How can I read a hidden message I have received?
In order to read the hidden message, do the following:
  1. press and hold the message in the messenger dialog (sometimes a double tap may be necessary)
  2. a black-colored context menu will appear; then choose the "Copy" option. The Kibo keyboard will be replaced by the hidden message text box. If your hidden message reading option is password-protected, then enter the password in order to open this window.
  3. if the messenger used for a secret chat hides the keyboard during message copying via the context menu, after copying just put the cursor on the entry line of the main messenger. After this you will be able to see either the hidden message window or the password entry window.
How will I know that there is a hidden message in any of messaged received? Should I check each of them?
Because of confidentiality requirements, you will have to check every message.
Do you store my hidden messages on your servers?
Your hidden messages are stored on our servers in an encrypted form.


How can I restore my password?
If you forget your password, first start the Kibo application, choose the "Settings" menu, then press "Recover Access" and, when the prompt window appears, do the following:
  1. Enter your answer to the control question.
  2. Press the "Disable passcode" softkey at the bottom of the screen.
  3. After that the password will be deactivated and you will be able to set a new one.
If you do not remember your control question answer, you will have to A execute the password reset procedure. Remember, after reset you will not be able to read any of the previously sent and received hidden messages. For password reset, do the following:
  1. In the control question answer window, press the "Forgot Answer?" option at the bottom of the window.
  2. The pop-up window will appear. Read the important information related to password reset, and then press "Reset". Then the password will be deactivated and you will be able to set a new one
Can I turn the password off?
If your hidden message writing and reading option is password-protected, to switch the protection off do the following:
  1. Start the Kibo application
  2. Choose the "Settings" option
  3. Press the "Passcode" switch
  4. Enter the actual password in the window. After that the password will be deactivated.
How can I change the password?
If you have once installed password protection for reading and writing for your messages, then, in order to change this, start the Kibo A application, then choose the "Settings" option, press "Change Passcode" and enter your actual password in the prompt window. After that, follow the instructions on the screen.
Are my messages encrypted?
Yes, they are encrypted using a so called DES algorithm.
Can I read hidden messages on all my devices? Does Kibo work on all my devices?
No, you can’t. Most of time you don’t keep an eye on all your devices and Kibo protects you forbidding reading messages on different devices. Each hidden message can be accessed only on two devices: from which it was sent, and where it was read for the first time.
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